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Better Than YT University is for you if...

  • 01.

    You're a beginner or intermediate learner.

    You are not forgotten. Better Than YT University is a safe, judgement free learning space for you to learn makeup at your skill level, no matter how much you already know.

  • 02.

    You need someone to break it ALLLLL the way down.

    Better Than YT University offers a proven step-by-step success path that will help you understand the small details that make the biggest difference in your makeup. In addition, you will have support that you need to get your questions answered!

  • 03.

    You're ready to boost your confidence!

    When you look good, you feel even better! It's time to show up to your work, date nights, and even PTA meetings with the glow and confidence you've always wanted!


I'm Zii

Your Makeup Coach

"Most people believe it’s all about the price of the product, but I actually believe it’s about the technique and brushes. You can use cost-friendly products and get a pro look in 10-15 minutes."


My Master Your Own Makeup Method

How will you do it?


My 5-step Master Your Own Makeup Method is built in sequential order to help makeup make sense for you - no matter if you’re an extreme newbie!


Plus, I’m the analogy queen! You will learn through illustrations and examples that will help you think about makeup in a more simple way.


Most tutorials teach you the what and how, but you will also learn the why to better connect the makeup dots.


Master Your Own 

Makeup Method

How BU Works:

Inside your 24/7 accessible portal, you will work through 4 phases of university learning that are broken down in the following classifications:

  • Freshman

    Skincare + Products,Brushes and Tools

  • Sophomore

    Science of Matching Products + Applying Your Makeup

  • Junior

    Electives of Brows, Eyeshadow, Liner, and more!

  • Senior

    Practice + Test Your Timing Against the Clock

Getting Started

is Easy!

  • 1. Enroll

    Don't forget to read the Terms and Agreements thoroughly.

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    Your password will be email with the subject “login information”

  • 3. Start Learning Today!

Become a BU Student!

Enrollment Closes in...



Crafted for Beginners and Intermediate Learners

$147.00(+ tax)

Charged Quarterly

You can cancel at anytime.

  • 24/7 Access to Portal of Makeup Courses

  • LIVE Monthly Group Coaching

  • Makeup will finally make sense!

You will be redirected to agree and sign terms & agreement before payment.

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100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Am I charged monthly or quarterly?
    1. You are charged quarterly. You can cancel at anytime.
    2. You are also grandfathered in at the current rate unless you cancel. 
  2. How long do I have to finish BTYT University?
    1. This is self-paced, but guided by a curriculum inside of the portal from A-Z. You can stay as long as you would like.
  3. How do I get the attention I may need?
    1. Exclusive/Private Facebook Group
    2. Email/Support Ticket
    3. Monthly LIVE Office Hour (group coaching)
  4. Other Notes
    1. Immediate access is granted when you join. Password will be sent to your email.
    2. Be careful not to check out twice.



When you enroll into BTYT University you will experience:

  • Clarity of products and tools inside your makeup bag needed for flawless applications
  • Proven techniques for skin and product analysis created to minimize confusion and accelerate success in applying your makeup quickly
  • Opportunities to receive personalized makeup help from the comfort of home
  • Acquiring the skill to show up with confidence and leave a lasting impression

Testimonials and Results

Testimonial from Sharhonda, BTYT Student

Testimonial from Jacquelyn, BTYT Student

(recorded after attending the Divide & Contour Masterclass)

You can wear makeup and still look like yourself!

The following women are real women who learned how to do their own makeup under Zii's simple to understand methods!

Zii Davis has been coined the makeup artist “miracle worker”. With more than 8 years of artistry experience, she’s mastered her super power: keeping women looking like themselves! As a highly sought-after artist, her creative, natural transformations attract makeup first-timers and loyal clients to her chair week-in and week-out! 


While she has been honored to work with TV Networks and celebrities, such as WGN, Erica Campbell, and Jazmine Sullivan – to name a few, Zii finds greater joy in working with real, everyday women to enhance their grace, confidence, and beauty.


Zii is no stranger to recognition, as she is an inaugural 40 Under 40 Urban Elite Award recipient for her entrepreneurial professionalism with her company Makeup by Zii, LLC. Her work has also hit the media in Essence and Munaluchi Bridal Magazine. 


With boldness and grace, Zii has dominated her lane and sold out a plethora of makeup classes for both artists and extraordinary women. She openly shares her expertise to fly working women on her virtual platform Better Than YT™ Makeup Class.


When she’s not gracing faces, she’s either performing songs from her album Crowned Affirmations, wandering across the skyline, or failing terribly at resisting all things apple desserts!


Meet Zii at

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